Virtual Reality (VR)

Bab AL-Amoud: Before & After Interactive VR Experience

The Virtual Reality experience highlights Bab Al Amoud gate and the surrounding part of the Old City’s wall through an engaging and 3D animated immersive setting. Two eras will be presented:

  • Herod/Roman Era    (3D Animated Reconstruction)
  • Modern Times          (360 VR Videography / Photography)

These two eras are entangled in one scene enabling the user of the VR experience to travel through time just with a turn of his/her head or with a sweep on the VR controller. In each era that is revealed, daily life use of the Bab Al Amoud gate is presented, such as people passing through, trading or transporting goods to and from the Old City. In addition to the time travel sequence, the user can enter each era separately and discover the surroundings of the scene in the related time period.

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