Board of Directors

1- Raed Saadeh
2- Moustafa Abu Zahra
3- Huda Imam
4- Nabil Hamoudeh
5- Rasim Zaatara
6- Nabil Amad
7- Naila Jwealis
8- Amer Khalil
9- Mahmoud Abu Eid

Anan Ghaith

Executive Director

Anan Ghaith is the Executive Director for the JTC. Mr.Anan has a BS in International Tourism Management and Marketing and a professional diploma in event Management & Marketing from Middlesex University

Asrar Kayyal

Programs Manager

Asrar Kayyal is the Project coordinator for the JTC Projects.

Shurook Surakhi

IT Administrator

Shurook Surakhi is the System Admin for the JTC. Mrs.shurook is responsible for all Technical & IT part in the JTC including Maintinance , Technical Support , Web Development , Graphics design.She has a BS in computer engineering from Alquds University

Hiba Abdeen

Administration Assistant

Hiba Abdeen is the Administration Assistant for the JTC. Mrs.Hiba is responsible for the managment of the office.She has a BS in journalism and political science from Birzeit University