Jerusalem Tourism Conference

Holding this international conference “Tourism and Palestinian Culture in Jerusalem: Unlimited Opportunities” Conference from 19th till 21st May 2015 came as a part of "supporting economic development and promoting the sectors of tourism and culture in the city of Jerusalem” project activities.Many and combined circumstances have brought us, at the Jerusalem Tourism Cluster to the idea of holding a conferencing assembly focusing on the Palestinian Tourism sector in Jerusalem.

"Discovering Jerusalem's Secrets" Book

The book "paths and tours of alternative tourism in the city of Jerusalem" was released by the JTC in 2011 in order to provide significant materials and scientific knowledge about the city of Jerusalem in order to answer the needs in this aspect. This book found a high appreciation from its readers, which led JTC to work on printing a second edition of it . This second edition is a modified version of the book, and was translated in a professional way..

"Jerusalem Visitor Guide" App

Your first choice to reach and feel the Jerusalem city & its unknown secrets, and touring in the alleys and neighborhoods of the Old City , where you can find Hotels, Restaurants, attractions & the Palestinian culture. Jerusalem Visitor Guide Application is available now for download on Google Play and Apple Store

Jerusalem Interactive digital kiosk

The "Jerusalem Interactive digital kiosk" is an Interactive Digital Guide that helps the visitors to discover Jerusalem. It’s part of our branding of the City that is related to our web of "". These devices are located in the best tourism facilities that care about tourists. It is 2 meters height and 0.86m width, and its screen dimensions are 1,030 X 690 32".

Regular meeting

Regular meetings of the tourism and cultural stakeholders to identify collective problems, needs and opportunities and to facilitate organizing, coordination and strategy formation.


Workshops and training for stakeholders from the fields of tourism and culture, such as tour guides, hotel employees who have direct contact with clients, with the aim of promoting branding and packaging, as well as promoting better quality services these sectors provide to tourists and visitors.

International trips

International trips by a selected group of stakeholders from the Jerusalem Tourism Cluster and Cultural Centers to the yearly organized expos in European countries (probably Turkey too), in order to create relevant connections for expanding marketing and investing opportunities and to acquire knowledge in the field of touristic city branding.